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Ole-vinderne 2014
Skrevet den 2/3-2014 af Michael Wadsholt

Sammenslutningen af Online Filmjournalister, som er en del af, har offentliggjort årets Ole-priser, og Lars von Triers Nymphomaniac blev den store vinder.

Ole-prisen bliver uddelt for tredje gang, og er opkaldt efter Ole Michelsen, som var vært på det legendariske Tv-program Bogart fra 1985 til 2002. Vinderne modtager en prisplakat lavet af designeren Matilde Digmann.

Ole-vinderne 2014

Årets danske film:
(også nomineret: Jagten og Nordvest)

Årets mandlige hovedrolle:
Mads Mikkelsen - Jagten
(også nomineret: Gustav Dyekjær Giese - Nordvest og Stellan Skarsgård - Nymphomaniac

Årets kvindelige hovedrolle:
Stacy Martin - Nymphomaniac
(også nomineret: Charlotte Gainsbourg - Nymphomaniac og Helle Fagralid - Sorg og glæde)

Årets mandlige birolle:
Nicolas Bro - Antboy
(også nomineret: Jamie Bell - Nymphomaniac og Thomas Bo Larsen - Jagten)

Årets kvindelige birolle:
Uma Thurman - Nymphomaniac
(også nomineret: Ida Dwinger - Sorg og glæde og Susse Wold - Jagten)

Årets udenlandske film:
(også nomineret: The Broken Circle Breakdown og Smagen af rust og ben)

Årets danske filmøjeblik:
Spies & Glistrup (Mogens Glistrup (Nicolas Bro) leger med datterens dukker)

Deltag i debatten:

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2-4-2014 21:43
Hi Erik, I'm not sure you fully understood my ptnois in this post. In terms of wasting my time with the girls, I don't in that respect, although I have all the time in the world to verbally protect any woman who becomes a victim of a vicious class divisive society that consciously engineers social oppression among the lower classes for its own gain. I do have what I guess you are referring to as a normal long-term girlfriend, even though I am hesitant to suggest the girls working in bars are in some way abnormal. My interaction with the girls/women in the refuge showed me that they're 100% human, just dehumanised like dogs by abusers. I don't disagree that there are higher class escorts,and of course prostitution exists in all countries, and there will always be the odd woman, even in a society where it isn't necessary to sell one's body on any level, that will. Fact is, people use the resources they have at hand to make a living. And so it's no surprise that prostitution grows in activity in poor areas, as does theft. However, the face of prostitution in the bar and club-freelancer scenes here is very different to a high-class hooker who picks and chooses select clients in hi-so circles of London or New York. Remember, there isn't even a social welfare system in place here. Fact is, there are far too many young, naive women losing their lives to this industry: becoming drug addicts, drunks, HIV victims, mentally ill, unable to enter normal sexual/intimate relationships, victims of attacks rape by pimps and those they owe money to, becoming outcasts in their local communities and from family units; and what of the ramifications for their children? So please do elaborate on what you mean by whiteknight? This is just a convenient phrase I hear white men use who want to justify their actions or avoid the real truth; or at least bothering to research the truth. With all due respect, I'd say you imperial suggestion that Prostitution and promiscuity is simply a Thai cultural phenomonen and favorite past time makes you the whiteknight, on a par with those who holiday for sex and return to Europe telling the world that all Thai women are sex-hungry whores. The truth is the large majority of these women are uneducated, poor women who've been discriminated against since birth, denied a real education, and left with children to support and no accountability forced upon the father(s) of their children. Many encounter ser

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