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Brian Goldner
Som producer:
My Little Pony: Filmen (2017)
Battleship (2012)
G.I. Joe: Gengældelsen (2012)

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2-4-2014 17:25
, Not even boixng! Good boixng should look not much unlike kung fu or tai chi. Doo Wai was a pre-cultural revolution kung fu practitioner and I heard him say many times that the closest thing to real kung fu is boixng. Muhammad Ali was a tai chi master. He won by letting his opponent overextend. That is because Ali knew how to yield and lead/follow his opponent. But that\'s not the whole story. He also had the skill of being able to hit while yielding or shuffling back. Sounds like defense and attack occur at the same time to me, and that sounds like tai chi.

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