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Mark Canton
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3-4-2014 23:14
Well after a couple of hours, I'm a tad mixed about Risen 2 to say the least.The good ponits is that it does manage to keep what you'd expect from a PB game. So it has the Gothic/Risen DNA.The downside is that it's close to a technical disaster or rather a graphical disaster.Charaters and NPCs have never been PB's strongest point, mais here this tends to be just downright ugly from a graphical standpoint. It feels they tried some sort of stylisation that leans toward Cell Shading, but the result is very mixed to say the least. And the animations are just downright terrible.Frankly Risen looked better than this.But the worst here is how dialogues are presented. Basically after each sentence, the camera jump to another position and it's just very poorly done and irritating. Frankly if you can't do cinematic dialogues : don't bother and stick to your usual fixed cameras.(I'll note one good point though: you have a companion with you and she talks during dialogue and that works well. Perhaps they'll put a party system down the road!)Environment looks rather good, altough the lush jungle bit well.. is mixed I think. And also there is some terrible clipping and pop up like I haven't seen in a game in ten years. There are time sthis just gets downright ridiculous and it looks like ou see trees nad bushes growing and shrinking in real time in front of you. Gah.Seriously this is just lame. Risen was polished. Not so much here really. And while the game performs adequately it's nothingto write home about in term of framerate and it really should just run better.(To compare to Risen's bastard cousin : Arcania both LOOKED *and* PERFORMED better)Sword fight is rather bad as well It feels like a big step backward. Risen felt like it had finally managed to nail this faster version of G1/2 s combat. Here it feels like Gothic 3 s clickfest is back. Meh.Not all these complains doesn't mean the game ain't fun mais they do waste things a bit. Let's just hope they patch it fast.That being I also say I have trouble with the universe and pirate setting. It's good in itself. But as I feared it just doesn't feel like Risen at ALL. Yeah Risen had some piratey stuff, but the world felt mostly like the kind of medieval fantasy Gothic offered here it feels you're in some kind of Renaissance era with all the stuff you get from a POTC movie. That's just not the same universe anymore. The fact that the h

2-4-2014 19:07
Haha, it's almost like I'm lokoing at mirror image of myself typing your comment. If your taste in gaming is like mine you should enjoy Might and Magic 6 & 7. Both games don't have much to offer in terms of storytelling but you get to create your own party members and roam around confined areas packed with secrets and loots. They are also hard core RPGs because you have to take care stuffs like foods when you travel to another area, your party's fatigue, and status effects which won't go away until you treat them. Combat is in first person and it can either be done by real time or turn based when you hit the pause button.I didn't enjoy Elder Scrolls series as much as other people did because it is less structured as a game. The game has this huge world where you are allowed to go wherever he wants, but because there isn't much structure to it there aren’t any solid outcomes from your actions. The fans say TES series is great because you can have your own story. But what story is worth your trouble where it has no solid reference or consequence that doesn't affect the game in any significant way? It is fine to have a fully explorable world, but if the size of the game has to water down numerous contents like quests and storytelling, your world better have intricate economy or something. In this regard Skyrim has improved over Oblivion, but it still feels static and without compelling stories and quality quests, there isn't much drive for the player. Sure you can feel a sense of discovery by searching for quests and items but most of them end up being stale and insignificant.Although M&M series doesn't have significant plot, each dungeon, quest, and area are all distinctive. There aren't much copied-and-pasted content aside from monster placement and common items. The developer made this possible because maps are much smaller, and it restrict the player to go everywhere by placing obstacles that require certain skill or quest to complete.

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